In the wake of a little rant I had recently in this blog bemoaning the revolting high protein “pasta” that was made of fish from the Pacific, processed in Spain, by a Belgium company, for export to the UK, in non- recyclable containers, I had the pleasure of a breakfast at The Lacemaker’s Café in Honiton.

The Lacemaker’s is a no-nonsense family run business and Sophie is there to greet you warmly. But the important thing is they are proud of the fact that they cook everything there fresh in their kitchen and source as much as they can from local farms and shops. Nothing fancy on the menu – just good wholesome, down to earth, comfort food.

So take my bubble and squeak feast. A generous helping of hot creamy mash studded with veg and browned crisp in a pan. It was topped with a poached egg from Fowlers, the yolk of which was a glorious apricot orange indicating that the hen who laid it was eating good things in a free-range, happy environment. And the two rashers of bacon had all the hallmark of coming from the wonderful and charismatic Laurie of Porkies – The Family Butcher just around the corner. The bacon was thick cut and perfectly cooked with a deep satisfying smoky flavour. I did enjoy my breakfast. I went in on an icy cold winter morning and the meal warmed me up no end.

The sign on The Lacemaker’s wall (pictured above) lists other local suppliers: Sutton Dairy, Crusty Cobb, Darts, Plum the Fisherman, Otter Brewery and Honiton World of Wine – a foodie gathering of the great variety of local businesses supplying East Devon. And that’s exactly how it should be – right across the country: consciously, deliberate and with pride. All I can say is, bravo! Rest assured I will be back sampling the fare at The Lacemaker’s again soon. Chances are I won’t even wait for another icy morning.

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