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Amazing Service

Went above and beyond to deliver a duvet in time for Christmas. The duvet itself has ensured full nights sleeping as it is extremely comfortable and lightweight with a tendency to regulate temperature effectively. Amazing product to match the service. Thank you!!!


Sustainable Wool Duvets, No More Counting Sheep

Brilliant! Sustainable duvets!! A beautiful wool padded duvet, and pillow. Both so gloriously comfortable.

It was quite by chance that I discovered Southdown Duvets. I phoned Jessica who runs the business and farm. She was so helpful and inspiring that I decided to go to see for myself and came away with a wonderful king size duvet and a pillow. No feathers that break down over time, no plastic fillings, just quiet, soft wool covered in fine cotton. Sleep has improved!

The down side, excuse the pun, is that I only bought one pillow to try out but my partner decided it was his, he liked it so much. So, I am about to buy another.

I have been singing the Southdown Duvets’ praises to family and friends.

Really well worth getting in touch with Jessica and investing in many good sleeps ! No more counting sheep…


Sleeping Blissfully Cocooned

Recently received mattress cover and more linen to add to the Southdown duvet and pillows, so now my wife and I are completely and blissfully cocooned in a super warm and comfy bed.

Thanks a lot for the excellent service and bedding.

PS Additional bonus is that they support The Big Issue.

M B Gould

So Helpful

I have had one of the duvets for a couple of years and absolutely love it. Jessica was so helpful and sorted out my order so I could get one for my daughter for Christmas. Its great to have such high quality items alongside such excellent service.


Exceeded My Expectations

The bedding arrived yesterday first thing. I bought a duvet and mattress cover plus two pillows. An excellent fast service! I have had my first night using the duvet and pillows and mattress cover and I was not disappointed. The bedding totally met and even exceeded my expectations after reading the glowing testimonials. I was so comfortable I fell asleep quickly with my reading book still in my hand as I could not stay awake if I wanted to! For the first time in ages I slept through the night without waking up and got a full eight hours sleep waking refreshed and so comfortable I did not want to get out of bed. Not only that for the first time in ages I wasn’t wheezing when I woke up. I didn’t get hot even though it was a muggy night and I didn’t toss and turn like I usually do and the duvet was still neatly on the bed when I awoke. I know I have only had one night but I feel the bedding is already making such a difference! Well done to everyone in the company for producing such wonderful products. Thanks so much for all your help. I shall recommend the products to friends and family. Superb!


High Class

The old synthetic duvet was past its sell-by date when I notice the advert for Southdown Duvets. A couple of magazine issues later and the need for a new duvet was becoming more and more apparent, so I ordered an All-Seasons along with two 850g pillows. From day 1, our sleep improved. The duvet seems to envelop you, so there are no nasty drafts, and not once have I woken up in the night feeling chilly. Since then I’ve ordered two 1000g pillows and a throw, the throw just to give a little bit more warmth during the winter months and the pillows to give a little bit more support. Jessica offered to take the 850g pillows back, but there was no need as they are now in our mobile home. Jessica also sent an ultralight duvet to provide a bit of extra warmth, but the throw worked perfectly so the ultralight went back without coming out of its bag. We now have a woollen mattress rather than a memory foam one and this winter haven’t put the electric blanket on at all – the bed warms up so quickly. The packaging for the products is as high class as the products! We just don’t understand why we changed to synthetic products – nature really knows best.

Jessica Has Changed My Life …

Jessica has changed my life with her duvets. I have a ultra lite and a Lambkin lite both in a 400 thread count cotton duvet cover. First I tried the ultra lite on its own because my night sweats were so bad that any cover would start me off boiling hot then freezing cold etc etc soaking wet beds…. just awful. The wet beds stopped immediately but I was a bit cold. So I ordered the Lambkin lite and have been experimenting with the two duvets. Honestly it’s nothing short of a miracle. I still can’t believe it. I’ve waited over 2 months to write this review as I was sure the sweats would come back but they haven’t. On the odd occasion I might wake up a bit hot but my bed stays dry and so cozy.

I’ve also ordered the wool pillow, all sent to me on approval but nothing went back. The pillow is just marvellous. I would add that probably the wool mattress cover is beneficial if you are as bad as I was. I already had a pressure relieving sheepskin which I put under the fitted sheet and as I’m short, it works until I get the mattress cover. I can’t thank you enough Jessica. You really understood about my night sweats and just giving me the reassurance of trialling the duvets was fantastic. What a super company. Personal service, beautiful quality products, exemplary packaging and rapid next day delivery. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Wonderful Company


We ordered duvets, pillows and mattress protectors three years ago and they’re still absolutely wonderful. Recently I got in touch with them about a duvet for my granddaughter and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I can’t recommend Southdowns Duvets enough. L.W.


Natural Goretex.


Supafast delivery, quality product, it’s like Natural Goretex, much deeper sleep at last! N.J.


Money Well Spent.


Money well spent. Thrilled with my duvet, lovely and warm. All positive from ordering, to the excellent packaging, to the product itself.
Spent loads of money on goose down duvets from reputable company’s over the years and have become totally dismayed with them. From the dust and shedding of minute feathers even with zippered duvet protectors on them to putting an extra blanket on top during cold spells.

This duvet is streets ahead, will never go back to down or fibre duvets again.


Take the leap to sheep..

Whilst switching over to my winter goose down duvet I finally decided to give wool a go as it gets cold up here in Scotland. I ended up going for a Southdown Duvet as they have all bases covered. I had no idea what to expect from sleeping under wool compared with down but with the generous returns policy coupled with their top of the range duvets, there seemed nothing to lose. I ordered the Lambkin weight duvet at 200grams per square meter (or roughly 4.5tog) as I’m usually warm in bed and slept like a dream. Or should I say, I had the most amazing dreams and woke up feeling refreshed on many levels. Having reached the tender age of fifty, I have been using Apple Watch to track my sleep patterns and trying to improve things in that department. The main metric that seems to indicate to how I feel through the day is the amount of deep sleep enjoyed and since receiving the Lambkin that value is clearly way up. I spend most days now feeling refreshed like I’ve just woken up after sleeping like a log with a renewed zest for life. Despite the duvet being a little flatter it’s the same weight as an equivalent goose down one. It will probably take you a couple of nights to adjust to the difference but I urge anyone to give wool a go as I won’t be using my goose down duvets any more.

That’s it for the fabulous product but the whole service provided by Jessica is first class. I was so enamoured with the Lambkin that I also ordered the Ultra Lite duvet at 150g/m2 to test the difference in warmth. It arrived a day later, wasn’t much different so I decided to return it. One quick cheery phone call later and the return was organised. If you are considering ordering one of these fabulous duvets then I would recommend going for being slightly too warm rather than the other way round as the wool does indeed breathe to allow your body to regulate temperature throughout the night but if you’re too cold then I guess it’s not an electric blanket.

These duvets are top of the line but what you get is a super eco friendly product (good to know I’m sleeping under the wool from happy sheep… and farmers), immaculate attention to detail in the preparation of the wool and final product (there is no smell and the encasing material is top quality), great customer service and a very generous returns policy. But you won’t want to return it, I can’t wait to get back to bed and enjoy many more sweet dreams…

Thank you so much Southdown and Jessica…


Excellent Duvet and Excellent Customer Service

The duvet is a delight to sleep under; it is firmer and less “fluffy“ than a down duvet, but actually this feels rather good when it settles about you. We also bought pillows, which are very comfortable. We bought a 650g and 800g each; the combination seems to work for both of us.

A significant factor in buying from this company was a very helpful conversation on the phone with Jessica, and her excellent exchange/return scheme which is hard to beat. The reassurance that we could return our purchase at any point, having actually used the duvet/pillows and tested them properly to our satisfaction, really swayed the decision to buy.


Highly Recommended

I am so pleased with my duvet I decided to buy a pillow. After consultation with Jessica I bought a 600 gm pillow and I am extremely pleased with it. The help and advice I received was very professional and the duvets and pillows are so comfortable. I would highly recommend this company.


Complete Confidence

A duvet’s just a duvet until you try a wool duvet from Southdown. I’d suffered from disturbed sleep due to irregular body heat for a long time (being a lady of a certain age). That changed overnight with a Southdown duvet. The weight is ideal; the ‘lay’ is perfect; there’s a freshness to the outer fabric that you don’t get with down fillings and, thanks to the wool inner, my body temperature can now regulate itself. Can’t believe the difference. Are they cheap? No. Do they represent incredible value? Heck, yes. If I divide the cost of my duvet by the value of the good nights’ sleep I know I can get now – it’s worth its weight in gold. The pillows are a bonus. Plus, Jessica’s care for her customers is amazing – you can have complete confidence in her (and in her sheep too).


Snug and Superb Quality

These Duvets are absolutely superb, after a little research and a couple of emails to Jessica aka “The Duvet Lady” I knew I’d found the right one. The website Southdown Duvets gives a wonderful prospectus on how the duvets are manufactured. The pedigree Southdown Ewes are spectacular for this high spec wool that they produce. A huge thank you to Jessica and her wonderful Sheep for the beautiful duvet, the quality was absolutely superb and I am more than delighted with it. My new Vispring Mattress arrived yesterday and I was just super eager to get all the new bedding on to it. The 7.5 Tog was snug and a perfect temperature, and weight. Thank you again.

L.E., Ipswich

Light, cosy and warm

In February on a visit to Devon I called in to Jessica’s gorgeous Primrose farm. I wanted a pillow but didn’t want to buy without seeing. I am very happy with it and a few weeks ago purchased a 7.5 Tog duvet. It was delivered within a couple of days which was so impressive, with very friendly emails from Jessica to keep me informed of its dispatch. I am so thrilled with it. It has replaced an old duck down duvet and I was concerned it may be too heavy but no, it feels light, cosy and warm. In the warm weather we had a week or so ago it wasn’t too hot and now its cooler at night I am still kept at the perfect temperature. As someone who feels the cold its a joy to feel warm and I’m sleeping so well with the duvet and pillow surrounding me with Southdown wool. Thank you so much Jessica and your wonderful sheep.


Long Live Wool!

Awesome Duvet (Super King – Woolly Mammoth), replaced a Canada goose down duvet of similar price, although the way the duvet falls across your body is different with the woolly mammoth, the difference in quality of sleep for me was pretty much instantaneous. It’s really a revelation, long live wool! The construction of the duvet seems immaculate. Customer service was also fantastic – responsive and very accommodating. No hesitation in recommending the duvets or the company – 5 star all round.


Worldwide service

Got the package today! Really great service! The duvets came well packed, no damage whatsoever. Love the individual storage bags for each duvet. Nice job!

The duvets are beautiful, the cover is a fantastic quality of cotton, soft yet strong. I can’t wait to put the duvets to use tonight.

M. M. Michigan, USA

From Feather to Wool – What a difference!

Changed bedding from a 4.5 tog feather quilt which I was throwing off during the night as over heating, and changed to your 7 tog wool quilt which I have not had to throw off during the night. I am so pleased with my second quilt.


Highly Recommended

Love my new duvet and pillow. I spent a long time deciding and researching new bedding to help reduce night sweats. An initial enquiry resulted in a telephone conversation and a few email communications. Jessica was very helpful and very accommodating about a potential return. The products are super high quality and live up to the advertised benefits. The customer service was fabulous and I am thrilled to support a British business.

Wendy S

A conversation topic!

Let there be no confusion. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR DUVET. Capital letters most definitely required. It has kept us beautifully comfortable in a range of temperatures so far (we are having a weird spring), and makes our bed so delightfully cosy and snuggley that is has become a conversation topic.

We can barely walk by our bed without commenting on how lovely it is. It’s fabulous to be so comfortable and at the same time to feel good about the creatures who helped provide that comfort. Not only do we love the duvet, we love knowing that it came from you, from the sheep that are living a happy life on your farm, from the cooperative you work with in Italy and not from any sweatshop labour. We honestly couldn’t be happier.

Thanks so much for everything and I wish you every success in the world with your farm and your business. You deserve to flourish!

Arlene, W


Best sleep …

Duvet received. We love it! So light but cosy, best sleep had in a long while! 


Brilliant product, outstanding service

Just a note to say that my parcel arrived on the day you said it would and I am incredibly pleased with it … I will now be telling all my friends about your company! Thanks for a brilliant product and for outstanding customer service.

Wow, totally amazing!

Wow, what can I say! My husband has suffered from severe night sweats for 2 years due to hormone therapy for prostate cancer and hasn’t slept well in this time, I also suffer due to the menopause. First night trying the 7.5 year round duvet, my husband slept through the night, we couldn’t believe it! Amazing! So delighted we bought the pillows and now my husband sleeps well every night! Thanks to Jessica who was extremely helpful, customer service second to none. I would recommend anyone to try these duvets, you won’t regret it!

J.L. Cornwall

I have had such a beautiful experience ..

I have had such a beautiful experience with Jessica, what a wonderful woman! She was so warm and honest and genuinely caring and helpful, and I had absolute leisure to make my decision. I never felt rushed and always felt respected and valued. Thank you Jessica!

As for the duvets … I am in awe. Seriously. I bought one for my toddler, and also a sheepskin to lay him on in bed, and the very next night he slept through the night without waking. ….. The difference between feathers and these gorgeous wool duvets is absolutely enormous – you do have to experience it to believe it! … Also, my asthma got loads better at night after I switched to Jessica’s duvet and pillows, and I’ll never look back.

M.J. West Yorkshire

A most restful experience …

I have to say that the duvets and pillows provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.  A most restful experience: thank you very much.

Peter G

Excellent service …

I have had guests this weekend who were very impressed
sleeping under my Southdown duvet. Thank you for your excellent service.
Anne W

A short review that says so much …

It has arrived. I may never get out of bed again.


Primrose Farm Mitts are a great purchase…

Primrose Farm Mitts, are a great purchase. They are hand knitted, great quality and design, leaving fingers and thumbs free but keeping them really warm. No need to keep taking gloves off and putting them back on again.

Deirdre, Berkhamsted

Have had them a few years now..

Have had pillow and duvet for a few years now. Love them! Really notice the difference when I’m not at home.

J E Hodgson, Swindon

I am so pleased

What can I say, I need prizing out of bed with a shoe horn really warm and comfy without being coated in perspiration, slept so well at the weekend despite having a migraine due to having a head cold.

I am so pleased.

Hazel, C


The king size duvet is so sumptuous it lures us to bed. Feeling guilty of enjoying such luxury, we immediately bought a single for our 9 year old and splashed out on a pillow for each of us. You have wonderful products complimented by superb customer service.

Liz C


Over the moon with our lambkin

Jessica, just a short note to try and express our gratitude, satisfaction and real joy at receiving our duvet. We are very conscious of the many health issues that abound in modern life and went to some trouble to source a quality product. There are wool duvets available in South Africa, but none that gave us the assurance that the materials used were produced in a healthy and natural way. Eventually Catherine found your store and the very interesting purchase was made. We are extremely happy with the duvet itself, it is warm and comfortable and just feels solidly made. The inner contents don’t slide around and bunch up like other duvets we have had, even when shaking it to make the bed…what can you say about a duvet except that it works perfectly. That is all we were looking for. We still need to see how it handles our Winters, but I’m confident that our mild climate won’t be a challenge.

To top it all off, the extra trouble you went to in delivering it thousands of miles from England is service that just doesn’t happen nowadays. Even though the cost of the duvet was still relatively high due to our exchange rate, we are over the moon with our lambkin and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Catherine and Steven

Its all true!

You need to include an alarm clock with every duvet you sell. I am so comfortable with your bedding – the duvet and the pillow – that I am over sleeping everyday. Just don’t want to get out of bed.

You read all the good things in the reviews about this bedding and you think yes they would say that wouldn’t they. And then you try for yourself and realise that its all true! Thank you so much


Biggin Hill

At 0 Fahrenheit I am toasty warm

I am enjoying the wool duvet very, very much!

I wanted to let you know this and again to tell you how much I appreciate your help and work in getting this to me so promptly and for arranging all the paperwork and shipping.

Today, our temperatures were at 0 Fahrenheit!


Milwaukee, USA

Luxuriously cosy even in a draughty old house

Just thought I’d write to let you know that I’m delighted with the duvet. I’ve used it for a month now and it’s been luxuriously cosy right the way through the cold snap and yet doesn’t get too hot when the weather’s a bit warmer either. Not bad for a bedroom in a draughty old house without any heating! Beautifully made too. Very pleased with the pillows as well.

Ben M

Customer service second to none

“I had been struggling with broken sleep patterns due to over heating in the night, waking up, having to cool down and then finally getting back to sleep, and waking up etc., After receiving my lovely fresh (no sheepie smell) extremely light duvet, I have since enjoyed the best sleep I have had for some time.

“I would recommend your duvets to any one of the gorgeous menopausal ladies who, like me suffer hectic sleep patterns due to changes in body temperature. You have an amazing product, and the customer service is second to none.

Jan P

I’m so happy we found you!

Morning Jessica. You were quite right – our new duvet is a revelation and showed us how lacking in good bed products we’ve been for the last 15 years! Who knew.

“We enjoyed the pillows on their own on Monday night and they were exceedingly comfortable (and I think Bob snored less, but that might have been a coincidence!), but last night with both the pillows and the duvet was fantastic. The duvet is lightweight, but we still felt snuggly and certainly warm enough. And for the first night in a long time I didn’t wake up during the night hot, sweaty and damp. It looks nice in the cover too as it fills it well and there are no lumps and bumps from the filling. An added bonus that Bob found this morning is that the bed keeps warm when he gets up to make our morning cuppa!

F & B

Five Stars all round

Wanted to leave a review about the brilliance of these products. I bought a quilt and a pillow for various reasons, one being sinus problems due to feather quilts harbouring mould spores, but not least the sweats! It has been a great testing period being a warm summer in London.

There has been a great improvement in my sinuses, and I wake up minus the neck and shoulder ache that had become all too common with squidgy feather pillows. I can honestly say that the tropical moments are much more bearable thanks to the unique temperature controlling ability of the wool. And my sinuses continue to improve also. Now I am looking forward to autumn, quite happily! Five stars all round, thank you.




Our duvet arrived yesterday. What a lovely product. It smelled clean and fresh on unpacking. The cotton cover is soft and the construction high quality. We had a wonderful first night. Thank you for all your help getting the duvet to Canada.



By far best duvet we have ever owned

We purchased a Kingsize Southdown Duvet on 20th October from you, and would like to tell you how delighted we are with it.

The quality of construction is excellent and the comfort experience is just how you describe it. By far the best duvet we have ever owned.

R Harrison

An ethical and environmental way …

Just to let you know that we now have had less than a week sleeping under the double duvet, and it is wonderful!

I did wonder at times if I needed a hot water bottle to start with, but the warmth the duvet provides is lovely and warms me up very quickly. I know wool duvets, having grown up in Germany, and always wanted one here.

I also like the whole process of it being produced in an ethical and environmental friendly way.

Will hopefully enthuse others as well!

K H-F, London

So thrilled to own this duvet – one problem though

I just wanted to let you know how I’m getting on with my lovely Southdown Duvet. I really only have one problem with it….and that is that it is so snugly and comfortable to be enveloped in that it is hard to tear myself away from it in the morning and pretty much every time I look at it I start thinking how nice it would be to just get back under it and have a duvet day!!! I and my family and friends were all amazed how light the duvet is in comparison to synthetic filled ones that we are used to. With the unseasonal weather we are having I had been waking up cold with the synthetic duvet I’d been using but now I have my ‘special duvet’, as we refer to it, I’m never cold – I almost can’t wait for winter to arrive so that I can watch it from the comfort of my Southdown Duvet. I’m so thrilled to own one and have the pleasure of using it every night. I shall never hesitate to recommend Southdown Duvets to anyone and everyone.

Beccy B


So my verdict? Wonderful

I confess that I didn’t place an order with you because of sleep problems. I am one of those very lucky people who’s never had any trouble sleeping. But my bedding was well past it’s sell by date and showings it’s age and I thought it was time to renew and with something produced closer to home.

So my verdict? Wonderful. I did have one fleeting thought that it was too thin to work but that first impression was misleading and as I slept through for my usual 8 hours it was obviously perfect. And it’s cosy without being stifling. Thanks for all your help. You have a superb product (and I will tell people) and I wish you continued success.



I ordered a pillow and a duvet, to replace pricey down items I wasn’t too happy with. I must confess the sight of the duvet on unpacking left me worried. It looked very thin. During the first night with it I woke up once. After that, I didn’t wake up at all until the alarm went. I have to point out here that I’ve been a victim of menopausal sweats for five years now… and it stopped overnight.

I also used to have to raise the bed at the head end, to compensate for my squashy pillow. Well it’s down again, and I no longer wake up with a twisted neck and shoulders. Now I’m absolutely dreading going on holiday… how will I manage without my magical duvet????


Such a special product

Good Morning! The first night, Sunday – I woke lots of times just because it all felt so different, and I enjoyed the idea of the whole new concept as I frequently drifted off to sleep. The second night, I slept from 10.30 pm to 6.30 am. I cannot recall how many Decades it is since I have had so much sleep in one night! Your products should be available on Prescription!! Ha-Ha!! I will be telling anyone and everyone I know – Thanks so much for developing such a special product!


Lovely not to have the weight

Thank you for getting the duvet and pillow to me so efficiently. I’ve been meaning to send you a message for the last 2 weeks to let you know I’ve been toasty warm and very comfortable – thank you.

When it arrived I was instantly concerned because it is much lighter and thinner than the other wool duvet we have (which is 600gsm) – but oh so lovely not to have the weight and certainly the same, or possibly more warmth.


Hey presto, no more night sweats Review

This is a great product. My wife had been having hot sweats at night, waking up in discomfort. We were using a high-quality goose down duvet. We then started using one of Primrose Farm’s lambs wool duvets and hey presto, no more night sweats and a perfect night’s rest for both of us.

Mr M


Definitely more comfortable

I thought I’d let you know that the duvet arrived and we have slept under it for 2 nights now. Although I still get the night-sweats and I know the duvet cannot cure this, I am definitely feeling more comfortable. When I wake up with one of the hot flushes, I am not feeling damp and stuck to the duvet.

In fact, although I feel hot, I haven’t been wet or damp at all. I also like the way that the filling is evenly spread across the duvet, rather than the clumps of down in each of the square segments of my down duvet – it feels more evenly spread and the weight of the duvet is nice too. Not too light and not too heavy. The other added bonus is that the duvet is quiet! What I mean by that is that it doesn’t rustle. My other one was very noisy and there was always a rustling noise when either of us moved in our sleep!


Haven’t had a bad nights sleep in 5 months!

My husband and I live in a small flat so unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of changing our duvets with the seasons, therefore the duvets we have had in the past have meant waking up feeling stuffy or falling asleep shivering, a while ago we even tried a ‘temperature regulating’ duvet but considering the price we paid we didn’t notice any difference. Then finally after a long search we came across Jessica Cross at Southdown Duvets – to look at the duvet it is quite thin however this not only fits in our duvet cover nicely (for the first time ever!) but also we can honestly say that we haven’t had a bad nights sleep since, and we’re 5 months in! Thanks so much Jessica!

Jo Bailey

London, Interior + Prop Stylist

Superb Friendly Customer Service

You’ll be pleased to hear our duvet arrived this evening, and what a grand birthday present. We were so excited with our purchase that we had to immediately put in on our bed so we can use it tonight.

The quality looks fantastic, and we loved the little extras like the sheep on the envelope.

Your superb friendly customer service in keeping us fully informed of progress was most appreciated. It is it a unique and fantastic product.

We hope one day to come down at spend a few days with you and we will certainly recommend Southdown Duvets to anyone we can. We also look forward to many hours under your duvet.



Couldn’t wait to get home

I got one of your duvets last year and I am so very pleased with it. It is so comfortable and wraps round both me and my partner without any drafts and does help with regulating my temperature (the reason I bought it in the first place).

I was a bit doubtful when I first ordered it as it was quite expensive but I am very pleased indeed with it and now cannot do without it. We had a weekend away in quite a nice holiday home, but didn’t sleep well at all. I couldn’t wait to get home and luxuriate in my wool duvet.

Sandra I

So snug, so comfortable, bliss

Wish I had bought one years ago, and I only found out about your site quite by chance looking for something else, it was obviously meant to be. No more horrid clammy nights.

I was a bit dubious at first but I can absolutely recommend the duvet it is so light, so snug and yet no more sweating. Thank you and you have been so nice too, and thank you to the sheep.


Divine duvets

Having a duvet made from Southdown wool is lovely in itself, but how wonderful is it to also have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of buying it? `Great customer service´ is the beginning of the description, and it ends with: `wishing I could buy more so as to experience it again´. Congratulations on a well run business, and on those divine duvets.



No more night sweats or messy hair

I have had my duvet and pillow for a week now and the difference in using my new wool duvet compared to my synthetic duvet is truly amazing. I no longer wake up through the night with my body covered in sweat and my hair looks almost as it did the night before (no longer a matted, tangled, sweaty mess in the morning).

It is everything I wanted and more and the service was fantastic. Jessica was so helpful and it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional. Southdown duvets from now on.

Karen K

Great success, excellent product Review

Just a brief note to let you know that the duvet has been a great success. We have been using it now for a couple of weeks and found it delivers everything we were looking for. It is very soft, and we find it more pliable than the one we purchased directly from New Zealand a couple of years ago. Excellent product. well made, perfect stitching and no loose threads hanging off. Thanks again for your superb service and for a transaction with the personal touch.

M & G

Leaves no dust or feathers

Just wanted to say how happy I am with my Scotland Farm wool duvet. It is light and comfortable and best of all leaves no dust or feathers!

I have always gone for natural-filling duvets however the thought had crossed my mind as to how cruelty-free the process was in collecting the feathers. It is great to know that there is a more humane and local alternative.

Jodie Ward


My asthmatic husband is a convert!

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our ‘southie’. Being a woman of a ‘certain age’ it has made such a difference waking up in the mornings after a comfortable nights sleep. My husband was sceptical when I first mentioned purchasing your duvet but he is now a convert. He is asthmatic and has noticed that he is sleeping much better and not sneezing and coughing during the night. Just need to save for the pillows next!



I absolutely love my wool duvet

I absolutely love my wool duvet and I am sleeping SO much better. I didn’t quite believe all the claims made for the wool duvet (not made by you, but general internet research), even though I desperately wanted to!

Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve been proved wrong – I am sleeping so well, I’m never too hot or too cold in bed, and the quality of my sleep has improved enormously.

It took a while to get used to the lack of weight, my old duvet was thick and heavy, not good qualities, but I had got used to that unnecessary weight. I was sceptical that my new duvet would be warm enough, but it most certainly is!

I can’t recommend this duvet enough, it’s amazing and I wish I’d bought one years ago. Your customer service is excellent, a quality sadly missing from a lot of service providers today.

Thank you for a totally personal, high quality ‘virtual’ shopping experience.

C Parry

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