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The Border Leicester Throw

(7 customer reviews)

£75.00 (Exc. VAT)

A woven throw blanket made from a blend of Border Leicester and Merino wools. 150cm x 164cm.


Need just a little added warmth in the depth of winter or just love the idea of an elegant throw rug over your bed or sofa? – then look no further.

We blended Border Leicester shearling fleeces with lovely Merino wool and wove the result into beautiful throw blankets. No dyed colours, just the natural cream/buttery colour of wool as nature intended. Natural wool can fade over time so keep your blanket out of direct sunlight.

7 reviews for The Border Leicester Throw

  1. A Stow

    I do so love the gorgeous throw that I had from you, although I think I’m going to have to steel myself to give it away so that will be another lovely order for the new year.

  2. Catlover

    Brilliant personal service from Jessica. Very quick delivery. It is warm without making you feel sweaty which is absolutely brilliant.

  3. Catherine M up North

    Great personal service and a beautiful product. Packaging is a treat.

  4. Sue A

    These throws are totally fabulous. Just natural wool with nothing added to the fleece colour. I have draped mine over my chesterfield and keep going to sit in the lounge just to admire it.

  5. Julia M

    I love this throw, its absolutely beautiful. I have put it at the foot of the bed and know its going to be so useful during winter. Thank you Jessica!

  6. Anne C

    Oh what a thrill to receive our wonderful throws. My husband , aged 80, announced when he saw them..they are Harrods Standard. Now coming from the backwoods of Africa that is the highest compliment he could pay you. You maybe think they are even better but I can assure you, Scotland farm has set a very high standard and well done on you enterprising spirit. Away goes the old duvet that I used in the evening to save on power and out comes my throw. Thank you for sending them to us so promptly.

  7. Rebecca K

    I’ve been devoted to my Southdown Duvet for about a year, and recently got a Border Leicester throw. It’s gorgeous, and wonderfully warm on top of the duvet, without leaving me feeling sweaty. Also, it’s the perfect thing for having over my knees and around my shoulders when working at my desk or reading on chilly evenings. A joy. Thank you.

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