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Southdown Pillows

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Like our duvets, the Southdown pillows contain 100% pure Southdown wool in 100% pure percale cotton covers.

Our pillows are filled with the precious Southdown wool which has been scoured and carded to perfection. The outer percale cotton cover is zipped, removable and machine washable although the wool filling is dry clean only. The pillows address allergies associated with feather/down pillows and will keep your head cool through the night. So no more waking up with your hair looking like a spikey hedgehog.

5 reviews for Southdown Pillows

  1. LS, Spain

    The pillow arrived safe and sound, have now slept on it for two nights and its everything you said and more. Its glorious! Mints arent bad either…

  2. Seren Watson, Wiltshire

    Thank you so much for that for all your efforts, greatly appreciated. It is so nice to receive such excellent customer service, the phrase is so often bandied around these days but is usually utter rubbish, just a phrase and no back-up! You on the other hand are superb and deserve great success with your business. Impressed.

  3. Louise Hill

    We sleep so much better under our wool duvet and the pillows are amazing. I needed a thinner pillow than Jessica stocks but she organised a special slimline batch and now I wake up without a stiff neck. I cannot recommend highly enough the quality of both Jessica and her fantastic products (the sheep are very cute too!!)

  4. Mrs E, Waterlooville

    Ever since I replaced my feather pillow with a Southdown wool one, I no longer wake up in the mornings with a blocked stuffy nose. My headaches have also gone and I can say that this is the best pillow I have ever had. Thank you so much, I am ever so pleased with it.

  5. Sara Beare

    Life changing! Now I sleep with the pillows and duvet my life has changed I now sleep. Having suffered with neck problems and also menopause issues both are resolved- the 500g is amazing for sleeping on to keep your spine in line and the heavier weights for sitting in bed. I am recommending to everyone I could not have believed they have made such a difference.

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