In the admirable spirit of not wanting to waste food, a well-meaning and dear friend donated to me (for my dogs) some packets of fresh pasta that were surplus to requirements. Great. But as I was about to prepare this meal for Cal and Max, I noticed what it said on the packaging: Low carb, high protein pasta. Really? As I read the food label, my stomach turned.

This stuff that looks exactly like fresh fettucine is made up of 43% fish! Really? And of course the package says the contents are certified sustainable fishing – Pacific hake and Alaskan pollack caught by trawlers in the Pacific Ocean. Like that makes things ok then! I don’t think so. And so I read further. This stuff also contains egg white, sugar, modified starches, soya, flavourings and colourings. It’s produced in Spain and packaged in a totally non-recyclable single use container. I cut open the plastic container and encountered an artificial and unpleasant aroma. The “pasta” appeared to floating in a strange milky liquid. I put the packet on the kitchen counter and went into the lounge for a little, but much-needed sit down while I tried to get my head around all this.

So let me get this straight. Fish caught in the Pacific, sent to Spain by a Belgium company for marketing in the UK for people who don’t want to eat carbs but want to pretend they are eating pasta and who don’t give a second’s thought to plastic pollution. Really? What on earth is wrong with people? And what is to become of us?

Why can’t people eat in moderation everything natural, unprocessed and locally sourced?

After my little sit down, I felt torn. This “pasta” is indeed disgusting and disgraceful on many levels but I am also waging a war on waste. So I gingerly prepped a packet of this stuff and offered it to Cal and Max. Bless my dogs. They both sniffed their dinner and looked up at me with that special canine expression that says REALLY? Note the attached picture includes dustbin ….aka rejected meal depository.

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