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Hanging Up My Lambing Gear

As we are told we can start coming out of lock down, I look back on the past 3 months and realise how much I enjoyed it! Yes, I am lucky on the farm with my own space and surrounded by all my animals, who even under normal conditions, represent most of my...

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Banghaii Cardinals

Years ago I established a coral reef in a marine aquarium. It was really hard work but I succeeded in creating a hugely diverse micro-world from which l learnt so much. Of all the residents, my Banghaii Cardinals fascinated me, mainly because of their elaborate...

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Really? – The Intrepid Shepherdess

In the admirable spirit of not wanting to waste food, a well-meaning and dear friend donated to me (for my dogs) some packets of fresh pasta that were surplus to requirements. Great. But as I was about to prepare this meal for Cal and Max, I noticed what it said on...

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