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Regular readers might recall I once wrote a heartfelt blog about a surreal and frustrating conversation I had with an enormous telephone company. After nearly 2 hours of being put on hold, my temper and bladder were at breaking point and I swore blind that companies often report profits, not because of management, but despite management.  

This morning my point was proved again. During company strategy sessions, my son has been suggesting that I use email more to contact customers. I have been resisting on the basis that I receive hundreds of emails and rarely, if ever, open them unless their presence is of known importance. However, I took his comments seriously enough to decide to open a missive from a supplier. It was an invitation to a webinar. That, in itself, should have set the scene since the word webinar is one of my least favourite.  

The email was intended to motivate me to immediately sign up for this ghastly event. The opening sentence was, and I quote verbatim: 

“Most businesses have a siloed approach by channel rather than an orchestrated outbound communication strategy that is deployed across channels and functions.” 

I re-read this a number of times, pinching myself to ensure I was still on the planet.  

Then I thought: how I have managed to survive 6 decades on this very planet without this essential piece of wisdom? As I was mulling over this revelation, I smelt something nasty and realised that Otis, my Labrador puppy was asleep under my desk and had just done what Labs do best.  “Otis,” I laughed, “appalling manners but clearly your way of telling me you also won’t be joining the webinar.” 

Next time my son raises the email issue, he will get a raspberry me. What he gets from Otis remains to be experienced.  

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