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Our Southdown Duvets offer a number of health benefits.

I’ve a passion for wool and, in need of a new duvet, decided that I couldn’t resist a Southdown Duvet . Whilst sitting in the  farm house kitchen, sharing joint wool enthusiasms with Jessica she asked, cautiously, did I have sinus problems? I do – and to prove it pulled out the prescription my doctor had given me for steroids. I left with a duvet and with a pillow – just in case the wool might help me breath at night.

The duvet is wonderful – warm, light as a feather, it’s everything this site tells us. The miracle is that my sinus problems have literally disappeared over night. I’m astonished – and the prescription for steroids will go in the bin just as soon as I can drag myself out from under the covers.

Jessica, it was lovely to meet you and I’m delighted with our duvet and pillow. Thank you so much for all your help – I’ll be back just now for a mattress cover.”

Judy, Hampshire, 19 Feb 2013

Southdown sheep

Helps combat a wide variety of allergies

In the first instance, the duvets are made from two completely natural products, nothing more: 100% pure wool and 100% pure percale cotton which means they are hypoallergenic. So if you are allergic to feathers, dust, chemicals, moulds and mildew, these duvets can help you cope with your allergies by reducing your exposure to those nasty things that you are reacting to.

Instead of taking remedies in an attempt to reduce your symptoms, surely it is better to get to root cause of the problem and resolve that? All this means our duvets are good news for asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties and sinus problems. Synthetics and feathers do not solve these problems and in fact are often the very cause of allergic reactions.

Safe in the event of the unmentionable

Our wool is Bureau Veritas certified 100% flame retardant. In the event of a serious house fire, our duvets will just smolder and then cool off. Unlike synthetic fibres, our duvets will not ignite, give off toxic gases or melt into a burning mass which can cause serious burns. The protective clothing worn by fire fighters has a high wool content and there is good reason for this. All wool is a natural flame retardant. Aren’t sheep clever?

All round better quality of sleep

Don’t take our word for it – read our testimonials and you will see that our customers notice improved sleep both in terms of quality and quantity. Good sleep is essential for your wellbeing and long term health. Don’t trade that basic necessity for a poor quality cheap duvet – it’s false economy at best, detrimental to your long term health at worst. If you are in any doubt about the dangers to your long term health as a result of poor sleep, read Matthew Walker’s book “Why We Sleep”.

Help for ladies over a certain age

Southdown duvets are very sympathetic towards women going through the menopause. By naturally controlling the micro-climate around your body, the duvets reduce the effects of hot flushes and night sweats. Good for children too.

No more dust mites

Scroll down for more information on dust mites.

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Combat Night Sweats

Night sweats are probably the number one cause of disrupted sleep and can bother all sorts of people at different stages of their lives. Some women may never have problems until they go through the menopause during which severe night sweats can result in discomfort…

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Fleece rolling
Sheep Sheering
Rolling up a sheep's fleece

More on dust mites…

An internet search will yield a massive amount information about dust mites. In short, they are nasty.

Microscopic in size and in their millions, they live in our homes and especially our bedding, eating organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin.

They are the cause and aggravation of many allergies and breathing difficulties including asthma. Unfortunately, they can survive in all climates – even at high altitude but especially in warm moist environments. Common symptoms of house dust mite allergies might include itchiness, watery and red eyes, sneezing – especially early in the morning, a runny nose and difficulty breathing.

In some people, especially children, these allergies can be severe and debilitating. Wool duvets and pillows cannot solve dust mite problems but they can help reduce the incidence of dust mites.

There are two ways this can happen. Firstly, the wool itself in a duvet or pillow is of little interest to a dust mite and so your Southdown bedding will help reduce (but obviously not eradicate) the presence of the little beasts.

In the second instance, because of the way wool breathes, the wool in the duvet or pillow stays drier than other fillings. The lower the humidity and the less comfortable for dust mites, the less the chance of mildew and mould building up which deprives the dust mites of a potentially tasty meal.

Bear in mind, dust mites love the protein dust they find in feather and down duvets and pillows. While a new down/feather duvet is lovely when new, they do not last and after a matter of a few years, the feathers and down deteriorate into this dust which dust mites find very attractive.

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