From bedding to furniture for a more eco-ethical home.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Ewenique Furniture

The Ewenique Furniture flock are practical, sturdy and blissfully comfy footstools who just so happen to be near life-size sheep each with their own personality. They have a huge appeal right across all ages and situations from starter flats to retirement homes and Christening gifts to 80th birthday presents. So celebrate if you find yourself unburdening your troubles onto your sheep, this companionable furniture very happily bridges the pet/therapy/footstool role!

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Southdown Duvets

Our range of Southdown bedding is special – the finest luxury duvets, mattress covers and pillows. Of all the types of wool in the world, only British Southdown wool really excels in bedding. Explore our full range at:

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

FelinFach Natural Textiles

Traditionally hand-woven blankets, iconic Welsh tapestry blankets, throws, scarves, cushions, and other woollen products. Hand dyed yarn, dyed only with natural botanical dyes at our purposed designed Dye Studio in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Sheepskin Rugs, Welsh tartans and tools and accessories for Crafters and Makers. Workshops and Courses – Learn how to dye yarn and fabrics with natural botanical dyes only. Explore our full range at: – Natural Traditional Handmade

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Herdwick Limited

Herdwick Limited sources fleece from National Trust farms in Near Sawrey, Coniston & Grasmere. Wool is processed in Yorkshire and our unique tweed is hand crafted to produce quality bags, cushions & caps. True provenance & traditional northern skills.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Wools of Cumbria Carpets

Proud to be producing British Wool Breed Carpets in Britain

We make beautiful 100% wool carpets from the rare and distinctive sheep found on the Cumbrian fells. We closely monitor every single process from purchasing the fleece through to fitting the final carpet in your home.

Our carpets are hard wearing, soft underfoot and will continue to delight for many years.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Laura’s Loom

I source fleece from almost two dozen farms within a 30 mile radius of my home in the Yorkshire Dales. I sort the wool in my garden, sample designs on my handlooms, then ‘shepherd’ my wool through a series of mills based in West Yorkshire and the Scottish borders where it is scoured, spun, dyed, woven and finished, eventually returning to me as 100% British Wool blankets and scarves. Right from the start I have tried to maintain a tight ‘fibreshed’ and a sustainable ethos. I am proud to be playing a part in keeping our once famous woollen industry alive and relevant for future generations.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Ali Sharman Hand Weaver

Ali designs and weaves tweed by hand as well as commissioning short runs
of cloth, seeking to work sustainably by using resources from the
region. Her Howgill Cloth range is inspired by the fells that overlook
her workshop and uses traceable wool sourced from local flocks. The
processes of scouring, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing all take
place within a 70 mile radius of her base in the Yorkshire Dales.  Ali’s
cloth is designed for clothing, light furnishings and other sewing
projects. You can also purchase her Howgill weaving yarn.

Ali also teaches weaving from her workshop, either 1-2-1 or in small

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Isle of Auskerry

Isle of Auskerry is a family-run business producing a pure wool range of gorgeous rugs, knitting yarn and blankets from their herd of rare breed seaweed-eating sheep. Farmed on the 250-acre island in the far flung north of Scotland the flock live a life free from chemicals and man-made stress.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Katrin Eagle – Wool Artist and Designer

Katrin uses dyed wool fibres to create needle felted pictures inspired by her paintings and drawings. These are also available as greetings cards and printed table mats which can be purchased through her website and from selected outlets. She also uses felting to make smaller gift items such as animals and brooches.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool
For most gardeners, slugs and snails present a persistent problem. Especially for those growing produce, it’s important to get pests like this under control to make sure that your garden is as healthy as possible. Vitax has a range of solutions that can suit pots, planters and beds. Our organic slug and snail control range includes wool pellets and slug tape to make sure that you’re able to protect your garden from pests without the need for chemicals. For a quick way to handle a slug or snail problem, visit Vitax and find a solution that fits your garden.


Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool
We are Chimney Sheep! In 2012, we started out selling our Chimney Sheep chimney draught excluder made of Herdwick wool. Today, our ‘Sheep’ are sold all over the world and are still our best-selling product. Over the years, alongside our wonderful Chimney Sheep, we have worked to curate our own range of household and garden items that are both practical and effective. Where possible our products are made from recycled, sustainable or natural materials such as wool. Our shop has everything from draught excluders to insulation, laundry products to natural gardening items and we always have our thinking caps on as to what we can add next.

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