Gardens by definition are good for the planet. So here are green ways to avoid the use of plastics and nasty chemicals. 

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool
Dalefoot Composts
What makes wool such a special ingredient in Dalefoot’s range of peat-free composts? Well that’s easy, not only does wool have a natural ability to hold water, it is also bursting with nitrogen and other essential nutrients to add vitality to the soil in your garden.
Made on our farm in the Lake District using wool from native hill sheep, our Wool Compost Range is approved for organic growing by the Soil Association, feeds plants for at least a season, requires less watering and offers a credible solution to the pressing needs of peat-free and organic climate change gardening. Using only British wool, we are proud to support hill farming in the UK.
Please visit our website – we have a compost to meet every gardening need!
Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool
For most gardeners, slugs and snails present a persistent problem. Especially for those growing produce, it’s important to get pests like this under control to make sure that your garden is as healthy as possible. Vitax has a range of solutions that can suit pots, planters and beds. Our organic slug and snail control range includes wool pellets and slug tape to make sure that you’re able to protect your garden from pests without the need for chemicals. For a quick way to handle a slug or snail problem, visit Vitax and find a solution that fits your garden.


Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool
NexGen Tree Shelters
NexGen Tree Shelters’ mission is to eradicate the use of plastic tree shelters over the next 5 years by introducing our eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative that helps fight climate change.
NexGen uses British wool which is key to the tree shelter biodegrading.

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