From head to toe wonderful wool clothing

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Herdwick Limited

Herdwick Limited sources fleece from National Trust farms in Near Sawrey, Coniston & Grasmere. Wool is processed in Yorkshire and our unique tweed is hand crafted to produce quality bags, cushions & caps. True provenance & traditional northern skills.

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Ali Sharman Hand Weaver

Ali designs and weaves tweed by hand as well as commissioning short runs
of cloth, seeking to work sustainably by using resources from the
region. Her Howgill Cloth range is inspired by the fells that overlook
her workshop and uses traceable wool sourced from local flocks. The
processes of scouring, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing all take
place within a 70 mile radius of her base in the Yorkshire Dales.  Ali’s
cloth is designed for clothing, light furnishings and other sewing
projects. You can also purchase her Howgill weaving yarn.

Ali also teaches weaving from her workshop, either 1-2-1 or in small

Southdown duvets, 100% British Southdown Wool

Exmoor Horn Wool

“Wool with attitude” is how we characterise Exmoor Horn sheep. Their fleece produces a soft but robust and hard-wearing yarn for hand knitting, socks and pullovers, ideal for the outdoors.

Exmoor Horn Wool is a farmer-run company dedicated to promoting the breed. The genetic diversity of the national flock is ensured whenever you buy woollen products from a minority breed such as this. Its geo-specific provenance gives your knitting individuality which can’t be found on the High Street.

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