For our American Customers

We can and do ship successfully to the USA and have a growing number of very happy American customers.

Exporting to the USA is slightly more complicated than local UK sales but here are the things you need to know to make your purchase as smooth and problem-free as possible. In most instances we encourage you to contact us – we are available and very happy to help with your purchase. We would rather spend an hour on the phone with you to ensure we send you exactly what you need rather than take an order that may be wrong and need correcting which can rack up courier fees.

  1. Bedding Sizes
    Bedding sizes in the USA differ to that of UK and Europe. We have a bedding size table on the website to help to select the right items. If you are in any doubt email us a contact number and we will call you to discuss exactly your needs.
  2. Shipping Costs
    We send by courier, in most instances UPS. A duvet can cost up to $100 to ship depending on your state and ZIP. Additional parcels for multiple purchases (eg pillows) will cost marginally more. We will be happy to get you an exact shipping quote once we have an idea of the size of your parcel and your ZIP code.
  3. Taxes
    As an American customer you will be exempt for British value added tax at 20%. You also can import into the USA free of any local duties or taxes up to a total value of $800 per consignment. Update (June 2019): under new tariffs imposed by the USA, sheets, duvet covers and other bed linen may now incur a 25% surcharge. Duvets are unaffected until March 2021. We keep this information updated on a regular basis but if in doubt, check with your local tax authorities.
  4. Exchange Rates
    If you ask us to convert the price of duvet and shipping costs from UK £ to US$, we will use an exchange rate on the day of enquiry. This may vary slightly from the amount you are finally charged because of daily changes in the exchange rate.
  5. Payment
    You can order online and your order will be processed in UK Sterling and then reflected in US Dollars on your bank statement. If you wish to us to process your order manually, we will be delighted to do so, over the phone, at your convenience. We can take all major cards with the exception of AMEX. Many banks in the USA block overseas card transactions for security reasons. To overcome this, we suggest that call your bank and get pre order authorisation before we process the transaction over the phone.
  6. Refund/Exchanges
    Of course we will honour our local policy of refunding or exchange if the order is not correct but we alert you to the problem of expensive couriers fees incurred in returning products to the UK. There also can be import/export and paperwork issues with returns so it is best to get the order right first time round – all the more reason why a pre-order telephone conversation with us is strongly recommended.

We hope this information helps and that you will treat yourself to one of our lovely unique duvets. Any further questions? You are so welcome to email or call +44 1404 861 117. Or send us your telephone number and we will call you.

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