A good deal of personalised customer interaction lies at the heart of how we run Southdown Duvets. In a conscious decision to avoid the automated, soulless and often highly unsatisfactory way online retail sales have evolved in recent years, we encourage our customers to call us and talk through their proposed bedding order.

Over the years, these many hundreds of hours on the phone to the wider world in search of a decent night’s sleep, have often had their moments. And on reflection, these moments are all too often either from, or about, men. So consequently, all I can say is bless them, yes, I conclude men are from Mars.

Take for example, the very posh-sounding lady who rang up and explained that since her husband had aged, he had lost all the flesh on his bottom and as a consequence, at night, it (presumably the bony buttocks) got cold and what could I do about that?

And then there was a lovely gentleman who rang up to order a Woolly Goliath. I explained that he was probably referring to our 10 tog duvet which we have nicknamed the Woolly Mammoth. No, he said empathically, he didn’t want a Mammoth, he wanted a Goliath. A 10 tog Woolly Goliath was duly delivered to him the next day.

And more recently, while I was taking the details of a customer’s delivery address, specially his post code, I heard the following:

“Er yes post code. RG2….bloody hell, look at the size of that rat in the bird feeder!”

A little while ago whilst joking with a friend about all this, he said, “Now I get it. Jessica, you are not actually in the bedding business, you are in the people business.” And of course, on reflection he is absolutely right. Interesting though that it took a man to recognise this.

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